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"You are the only one who has the power to change your life.  
Start by making the choice to build the bridge between where you are today,
and where you want to be.  
Then be courageous enough to cross it!"
                                                                     ~ D. Duncan

Live Your Truth & Live Your Beautiful Life!
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D. Duncan, C.H.N., C.L.C., C.R.P. II
& owner of Live Your Truth!
Finding my Truth ~ A Personal Journey
Hi, my name is D. Duncan and I am here to help you, better help yourself!  

Discovering that we hold the keys to our own well being and happiness, along with finding the right keys that fit those doors is both an amazing and enlightening process, and yet many times, a difficult task.  That is why after years of educating myself in learning better overall health and balance in all areas of my life, I am passionate about helping others discover their own doors of possibilities within themselves!  Helping people is always something I have done naturally and truly feel it is my purpose on this planet and in this lifetime.

It was with this intent I first began working with others around 2012 by teaching basic meditation techniques, first in a one on one setting and then holding group meditation classes in my spare time.  Learning and practicing daily meditation was one of the first keys to finding my true inner balance and I was passionate about sharing this gift with others.  I love holding group meditation classes and it is always so fulfilling and amazing to see what can happen when a group comes together, focusing on manifesting a single goal!  I became Certified as a Level II Reiki Practitioner around this time also after discovering the deep healing power that this ancient Japanese technique of healing had on myself.  Again, I wanted to share this with others and so decided to add this to my individual and group sessions.  Discovering Ayurveda while working with a practitioner and loving its simple (and sometimes complex) system I started studying this ancient medicine system through the American Institute of Vedic Sudies; I soon learned how to better work with my being, and less against it.  All of these discoveries not only helped me, but also helped to further assist individuals while Coaching and Guiding them along their own healing journeys, so in 2015, I decided to move forward with becoming an Accredited Certified Life Coach through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and graduated my studies with a 4.0 GPA and in 2017 completed and received my Certification as a Holistic Nutritionist professional through AFPA.

I am passionate about Holistic Nutrition (and cooking) and have lost about 120 lbs. to date! I love helping people empower themselves to learn healthier ways to eat and live so that they feel good in their bodies.  It's not about a number on the scale, it's about feeling good inside and out.  Lasting, healthy weight loss is complex and is rarely just about "limiting calories" or just "exercise". Of course these things can be a factor but on a deeper level, it is about nourishing your body, spirit, and balancing all aspects of being, and as with all things, working with your many tools to find ease in the process. Once I understood this, lasting weight loss was the side effect of my balancing and healing.

Please feel free to browse the site to learn more and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns!  

Looking so forward to working with you on your journey and Many Blessings,
    ~ D.
For most of my life between my teenage years and through my twenties, I struggled. I struggled to find balance, be happy, be healthy, and be pain free.  

I would search to find solutions, I would read, seek advice, and go to our western physicians. Nothing seemed to aid me, or help me achieve any of these goals long term. I continued to be sick in some way at, what seemed like, all times. Living in pain, both physically and emotionally.

At about 25 years old, I began to really dig in, and do research for my own well being. After doing this, I had some idea of what was going on, and began making Dr. appointments to try and address my concerns. This was a bittersweet time in which I was glad that I finally had confirmation on what was happening with me physically, but unhappy because I was still struggling with my health physically & emotionally, despite following Dr.'s orders and taking a ton of prescription drugs. Unfortunately, I continued to suffer many of the same symptoms, as other health concerns began to arise. 

After a few years, and reaching what felt like was the bottom of the pit both emotionally and physically, I made some radical decisions in my life. I came to the realization that I was the one who was going to need to save myself. It was really truly at that point I decided to get better. Really get better. Whatever that would take. 

I began to commit to myself in a loving way, and pay attention to my own needs. I decided to try a more holistic approach to body, mind, and spirit health, stop participating in the toxic relationships (which included lovers, friends, and jobs) that I tended to attract, and that I would finally feel happy and healthy. I decided I would no longer be a victim, and that I would "be whole" body, mind, and spirit.
With a lot of research, education, and a lot of support from some beautiful people along this journey of life, I can honestly say that now, in my mid thirties, I have those things. I discovered how to eat well for my own body type, what exercise worked, what herbs worked, and most of all, I learned to trust and love myself as I am.  The goal became about total health and to stop associating my worth with the number on the scale or by my perception of society's standards of what "health" was. I became balanced, happy, healthy, strong, achieved physical health, lost about 120 lbs., and have beautiful relationships in my life!

Everyone is different. Different things work for different people. You must take control of your own well being. If you completely rely on someone else to fix you, you will never be completely better. You are truly the first line of defense when it comes to your well being. That is what I learned, and this is what I help others discover within themselves.  

We all have the ability to change our lives and our health. Sometimes, we just need someone to light the candle within the dark room so that we can find our way. Happiness and Health are attainable. Live Your Truth, and Live Your Life!


  ~ D. Duncan, C.L.C., C.R.P. II
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