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  • Create Lasting Successful Weight Loss
  • Meet and/or Stick to your Health & Wellness Goals
  • Create More Joy, Peace, and Balance in your Life
  • Learn to Honor your Truth & Inner Wisdom
  • Change Jobs, Careers, or Get a Raise
  • Meet a New Love
  • Increase your Self Esteem / Self Love
  • Learn to Communicate Effectively, and Peacefully
  • Overcome the Past
  • ​Change an unwanted Pattern
  • Create Healthy Habits 
  • Shed Unhealthy Habits
  • Learn to Meditate
  • Reduce Stress and/or Anxiety
  • Feel Confident
  • Practice Deeper Spirituality
  • Or Maybe Something Else?​

Lifestyle Balance & Nutrition Coaching 
What is Transformational Lifestyle Health & Wellness Coaching for Wholeness!?

​There are many different reasons to seek coach consult on a broad spectrum of areas from personal to professional goals, below are just some reasons.    

  • Do you feel like you keep recreating the same unwanted Theme in your life over and over again despite wanting something different? (i.e. keep ending up in bad relationships, toxic jobs, or failing/inability to lose weight)
  • Are you continually re living some old hurt from your past again and again which keeps you from being happy and/or which regularly affects your quality of life?
  • Realize you are currently in a place of Transition or maybe you are ready for one?  
  • Struggle to meet certain goals in your life, whether they be personal, emotional, financial, spiritual, or physical?  
  • Do you feel that your life is not evenly balanced but don’t know exactly where to begin to start balancing it?

My mission through Live Your Truth! is to help you attain better health, happiness, and wholeness.  A big part of this process is helping you learn how to establish balance for your being (the Four Pillars) which consists of your Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual aspects of self. 

In the words of the Greek Philosopher, Socrates, “The Secret of Change is to Focus all of your Energy, not on Fighting the Old, but on Building the New”. This is a great way to understand what Transformational Lifestyle Health & Wellness Coaching for Wholeness is intended to create. Though sometimes it is necessary to revisit the past in order to create awareness around why we feel and/or do the things we do, the focus is to not remain there. The focus is to move forward and through our perceived obstacles and boundaries, and create more of what you DO want in your life.  

As your coach, I will honor our time together, hold your confidences, and present to you with open heart. I will not judge you, and will respect your perceptions of the world and meet you where you are currently at. It is not my “job” to change you, but instead my privilege to assist in you tuning into your own inner awareness, view your clarity of choices, and if you choose to do so, bring about action into your life. 

I do believe that you hold the answers within yourself and with this understanding will help you create reasonable, achievable action plans during our time together. There are many different tools and techniques we will use to help you shed more light on the areas of your life you want to work on, and through the art of active listening, powerful questioning, and potent requests, you can reach your highest potential and achieve that which you deeply desire! 

It's all up to, about you, designed around, and for you, depending on where you want to focus attention during a session!

So, let's work together on helping you more fully Live your Truth and Live your Life!!

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, I am certain I can help you break down and through those boundaries as well as help you determine the root cause(s) of your issues so you can then move forward in whatever area you choose!  

Do you have something you would like to change or achieve in your life?
My Commitment to You
Would you like to:
Ready to Take Action & Achieve your Short and/or Long Term Goals? 
What is Happiness & Well-Being worth to you?  
You CAN Achieve Personal Freedom,  
Gain Clarity, Receive Objective Support & Guidance, and Get where you want to Be.

All in an affordable, flexible manner designed with & specifically for you!

See what Health & Wellness Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching can do for you!
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