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Meditation & Reiki
​Meditation has been used by Yogi's for thousands of years, and the various practice of meditation today continues throughout different cultures of the world.  

Meditation helps us ground, center, tune in, and tune out, helping us quite our minds, which in turn enables us to go deeper into ourselves so that we may become clear in our thoughts and action.  

In the stillness, we can then create a space for peace within us that  allows us to open to our true potential and touch our core consciousness.

​Through the practice of Meditation you can transform your life from the physical level, to spiritual, to the mental level.  You can learn to maintain peace and balance within your life starting with inner quiet.  
Modern Tests have been conducted to study and see the physical changes to the body and the brain after regular mindful meditation. 

Scientific techniques such as FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machines which are used to measure brain activity by detecting changes in blood flow and to map neural activity in the brain and spinal cord, as well as EEG's, which record the electrical activity in the brain over short amounts of time, have also revealed physical evidence that even after as little as 8 weeks of mindful meditation a significant increase was produced in the left side anterior of brain activity, which is associated with positive emotional states of being. 

Meditation helps put us in a relaxed state of mind, and helps us deal with stress better, but it also changes our bodies on genetic levels as well.  A study at Harvard University revealed that individuals whom practiced Yoga and Meditation on a regular basis had what they stated as "Far more disease fighting genes".  They showed that after two months these genes that help fight inflammation, kill diseased cells, and protect the body from cancer began to "switch on".

Meditation has been shown to help pain levels, establish healthier hormone levels, and lower blood pressure as well.

Benefits & Studies of Meditation
The Life Energy that flows through all living things is known by many names within different cultures and society's of this planet.  

Ancient Hawaiians called it Ti or Ki, in China it is know as Qi, Japan calls it Ki, and Science refers to it as Biofield Energy.  In Reiki, it is used by channeling this life force energy and directing it, so that it may promote overall healing for the client.  

Reiki was originally developed in Japan by Mikao Usui, and brought to the West in 1937 by Hawayo Takata.  Since it's development it has been used by trained practitioners to promote healing on many different levels physically and emotionally.  

I am currently certified as a Reiki Level I & II in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki System of Natural Healing, and will be obtaining my Master Level Reiki certification within this next year or so.

What is Reiki?  What is it Used For?
Within a Reiki session you will observe a deep feeling of overall wellbeing, peace, and relaxation. You may feel tingling, and/or warm and cold sensations as the Reiki energy travels through you. 

Reiki sessions usually are between 30 - 90 minutes long, depending on which package is chosen.  Initial visits will typically be longer (at no extra charge) so that  we may establish a better understanding of where any concerns are, go over any questions you may have, make sure that you are 100% comfortable before the session begins, and better develop the client/practitioner relationship.  

​​During a full session, the client typically lies down comfortably, fully clothed, and the practitioner will move over different areas of the body using their hands to direct the Reiki energy.

After a session, many people report a feeling of clarity, and peace. Even days after a session you may feel the effects of this healing process as the energy is now able to move more freely, unblocked from your energy centers, throughout your body.

You will be releasing that which no longer serves you, allowing space for healing, and connection of body, mind, and spirit.
What to Expect During a Session
Reiki allows in assisting your natural life energy to move freely through your body by removing blockages, and allowing your body and mind to heal itself.  

Reiki helps allow people to deal with stress in a more efficient way, allows for deep relaxation, and is an excellent tool to help alleviate ailments such as insomnia, stress, headaches, stomach issues, and many more. In some cases, people have reported miraculous recoveries.  

Many times we have physical ailments resulting from emotional unbalance.  Some of these stresses may be realized, others may not be.  

Reiki helps release these "toxins" from ourselves, and can be a very beneficial healing tool as you journey on your path to overall wellbeing.

Benefits with Treatments
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